Survivor Key Fob

$15.00 - $18.00

livEden Sewing Academy provides a way for Survivors of sexual exploitation and/or human trafficking to learn a trade and make an income.

livEden Survivor Key Fobs are made by the women in order to earn a fair income while enrolled in their healing/growth programs through partnering agencies. Our hope is that every key fob purchased will be a reminder to stand against sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

100% of the fob profits go directly to the women who make them.
Thank you for your support.

*The pics are examples of fobs made in the past and do not necessarily represent what we have in stock. If you are looking for something specific you may appreciate the CUSTOM key fob.

**Place a CUSTOM order for the color, and/or fabric theme you would like for a special custom gift or treasure. Simply order this item and then message us the details for your custom key fob at

***If you would like local pickup, you’re shipping will be refunded to you.