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Image of Survivor Twin Size Rag-Quilt Blanket

Survivor Twin Size Rag-Quilt Blanket

livEden Sewing Academy provides a program for Survivors of sexual exploitation and/or human trafficking to learn a trade, entrepreneurial basics, and life skills.

livEden Blankets are the first item the women learn to sew. While they are enrolled in the Academy, they work directly with Kristi, owner and designer to create blankets for sale with livEden quality. For more information check out livEden Sewing Academy.

Each one is designed with a combination of repurposed fabrics/clothing and new or repurposed cotton woven fabrics. 35 squares of up to 8 different fabrics are used to design the basic lap size (approximately 70"-75"x90-97"). The standard backing material is a high quality fleece.

Please see below for other options in design.

*The pics are examples of blankets made in the past and do not necessarily represent what we have in stock. If you are looking for something specific you may appreciate the CUSTOM option.

**PLEASE understand that the blankets are made to order and therefore there is a 2-3 week turn around time. You can have your blanket started with an initial down payment and then shipped upon full payment of your item. If you'd like this option then please click "Non-Refundable Down Payment" and be sure to let us know which blanket option you are choosing.

***If you would like local pickup, you’re shipping will be refunded to you.

Image of Survivor Twin Size Rag-Quilt Blanket
Image of Survivor Twin Size Rag-Quilt Blanket
Image of Survivor Twin Size Rag-Quilt Blanket