B-E's {Girl Entrepreneurs}

What is B-E's? 

What is B-E's? 

B-E's is the new girl powerduo that combines entrepreneurial spirits with fabulously unique creations. 

Eden started out by modelling some of the livEden collections. From there she learned to sew and has been working on various themed bows and scrunchies to pair well with the livEden collections.

Eden met Brooklyn, her kindred spirt, at school and the two of them of them have been attached at the hip ever since. They love matching, accessorizing and putting their creative touches on all that they do! 

Brooklyn started her charm business a year ago making custom orders for her customers back in Canada. Since moving to America and meeting Eden, she has still been creating and looking for avenues to showcase her clay creations. These delicately handmade charms make the perfect gifts and accessories for any jewelry collection.