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livEden Brand

We “make all things new” by combining pre-loved tops, quality fabrics, and one-of-a-kind designs.  Each livEden piece tells a different story, making it a unique creation - just like her!  

Handmade with love and prayers, your little one will FEEL the difference with every twirl. 

MISSION:  Thank you for helping us “live Eden.” To live Eden is to DELIGHT in abundant beauty and freedom. We believe that all people should be given this opportunity. Our hearts break with those that have been enslaved and oppressed.

LivEden Clothing was created to provide love, support and opportunity for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Specifically, your purchase supports our partnership with "Sacred Beginnings Transitional Program," a Grand Rapids, MI organization serving to free trafficked victims and support the survivors in "making all things new."

LivEden provides opportunities for these women to experience honor and respect, to learn to sew, to engage in entrepreneurship, and to earn a fair wage while committing to the hard work of rebuilding their lives in brand new ways. 

Wear livEden; be made new; live Eden.