You, the HERO

livEden Clothing LLC  is a small business owned and run by women, designing and creating ethically produced boutique, heirloom quality girls clothing.  

YOU are the HERO:  Thank you for participating with us in our belief that "clothing communicates," and in our conviction that everyone should know how their clothing is made.  You have the right to wear clothing that communicates YOU value the human beings and the environment affected by its creation.  

livEden Clothing is made in limited quantities on purpose to disrupt fast fashion, an industry with a reputation for poor social responsibility, producing throwaway clothing often ending up in landfills.  

The clothing we wear communicates what we believe. We believe that YOU are a lulu and the clothing you wear should communicate how extraordinary you are!  We believe that YOU are a hero and should wear livEden Clothing with pride knowing your clothing IS communicating: 

YOUR purchase helps us create employment opportunities for women, with a focus on the oppressed and marginalized.  You are also supporting our partnership with local agencies that support people in new journeys toward freedom and abundant life. 

To "live Eden" is to DELIGHT in abundant beauty and freedom. We believe all people should be given this opportunity to delight in life.  Thank you for joining us as we live Eden together.