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January 18, 2019

My mom has been telling me for the past year that I need to record the mind-blowing stories of how crazy my God is. This business, my life and role in’s all one miracle after another. Most of them involve all of YOU! That’s the best part! 

Because I don’t believe in chance or coincidence, I know that each story is a small part in the grander purpose of my life being used to benefit others. So, if you have a story of how livEden has brought DELIGHT to you or someone you know, share it with me.

So little by little as the stories are brought back to mind, I will share them with you in order to thank you and glorify my God who “is making all things new.”  

This picture represents one of the amazing stories. Through a mutual friend, Danyalle Campbell heard of my vision and partnership with Sacred Beginnings. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are close to her heart. With a full professional schedule and a house full of 4 children of her own, she gave of her MOST PRECIOUS commodity - her time. Danyalle graciously, sacrificially gave the best of herself to someone she barely knew for no other reason than to live out the calling to change the world with one loving act at a time. 

My love language is time and service.  Nothing speaks love to me like someone who shares their TIME when they have nothing to gain from it. SHE is a gem.  A rare and precious gift.  She nor I will never know the impact her gift will make as livEden grows and offers hope to women for years to come. 

LivEden was blessed with her amazing photography skills. Dany C Photography, along with moms and daughters from Michigan and Canada came together expecting nothing in return to give back. 

I’m a changed woman.