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livEden Sewing Academy

The sewing academy program was created as an opportunity for women who are re-establishing their lives after being sexually exploited or trafficked. The livEden studio offers a safe, healing environment in which women can work at their own pace with hopes of gaining the skills they need to acquire fair employment with local businesses in the sewing industry.

  • Sewing academy is provided at ZERO cost for the women enrolled in Course 1, Session 1. Students begin by making their own rag-quilt blanket!

  • After each session, the student will be evaluated based upon respect, responsibility, attitude and skill. Students who pass the evaluation will be asked to enroll in the next session. Students who graduate from the program, after completing all courses will be able to interview to contract with livEden Clothing, LLC.  

  • There are three COURSES in the sewing program and will take approximately 6-12 weeks to complete.

    Each Course has multiple Sessions:

    Student Level Sessions -

    The student learns directly from the Designers while making an item for herself. 

    Apprenticeship Level Sessions -

    The enrolle works side by side the Instructor to create a livEden quality project in which she will earn 25% of the profits.

    Novice Level Sessions -

    The enrollee works in the studio and is closely monitored to create a livEden quality project in which she will earn 50% of the profits.

    Independent Level Sessions -

    The enrollee works in the studio creating a livEden quality project, with minimal guidance from the instructor, in which she will earn 75% of the profits.

    * Upon graduation, it is our hope to be able to provide a sewing machine to each woman so she may contract, begin her own sewing business, or simply enjoy her new skill.

Enroll in livEden Sewing Academy below or contact Kristi VanderWoude, for more information. 

Beginner Class This class is for all women who are just joining the livEden Sewing School. Registration is for the women enrolled in Sacred Beginnings Transitional Program only. Contact Leslie with Sacred Beginnings for the password to register. 

Course 1: Session 1  This class is currently filled, watch for new sessions to open. Or contact Kristi directly using the contact button.